ABOUT damienne joly
For the past fifteen years, Hong Kong has been damienne’s second home – and she has thoroughly enjoyed the journey! Following her formative years as an architect practising in France - her home country - and in the United States, damienne has worked on large scale workplace, education and cultural projects.

Driven by a strong connection to nature and the idea that architecture & design are inseparable parts of the environment, damienne also studied Landscape Architecture and Historical Gardens, exploring an entire new palette of colours, textures and materials.

Since moving to Hong Kong in 2005, she has successfully spearheaded major design&build technical submissions for landmark competitions in Hong Kong (such as Civil Aviation Department Headquarters on Airport Island and Kai Tak Cruise Terminal for example) for a large renowned construction company, enabling her to develop a thorough understanding of complex designs, detailing, programming and logistic issues, while coordinating consultants, end-users and clients.  

Over the years, damienne’s attention has become centered on the delicate relationship that people have with their immediate and private surroundings, at a more intimate scale. With a keen eye for detail, a strong appreciation of fine craftsmanship and a passion for design, she combines her creative and managerial skills and focuses on interior architecture & design, bringing your projects to life.